Saturday, January 8, 2022

Warlock Tower: The PDF!

Been having a bit of a rough go these last two weeks - no time for the blog - but not wanting to miss a week, I figure I'll post some content I just happen to have lying around: the PDF version of Warlock Tower, my submission to the original Prince of Nothing No-Artpunk Contest.

Warlock Tower, reviewed here, did not win, but did get an honorable mention here; so - for the No-Artpunk Companion there hinted, I did submit a revised manuscript - fixing some typos and adding some helpful bits that - when I was running the module, myself, in playtest - that I wished I had on hand rather than having to thumb through the book to find. Provided below is that file!

Deserted Tower; Decker - Old Book
Warlock Tower

There... isn't a lot of art in here, CWR. True. The provided PDF is an exercise in brevity - I was trying to stay under the 20 page limit: that, plus the deadline, kind of forced my hand on the public domain art front. I may try to go back and find some to spice it up - but no promises. It's been hard enough to get this post out today - will try to have a podcast episode with a sort of "State of the Union" later on this month.

Are you going to finish your play through on the YouTube channel? I want to, but I don't know when I'm going to get to. Because of health-reasons, I'm losing a lot of time and having to cut back on my already anemic gaming schedule. Players from that game are welcome to look - or not look - in hopes that we find a time to play: and perhaps another platform to play on, as Astral is, it seems, going away.

Should I still buy the No Artpunk Vol. 1 adventure collection, even though the obvious best author - you - aren't in it? Absolutely. I have not had a chance to read through it myself, but I can vouch that - knowing it's PWYW, you have nothing to lose: and knowing what you pay benefits the Autism Research Institute, if you choose to pay, you're paying into a good cause.

Delve on, readers!


  1. At the current time, Foundry is the best option to replace Astral. It IS about $50 but it's a lifetime of access to upgrades, the software is yours and your players don't need to own it to play off of your client. Their dynamic lighting is the best on the market and stable.

    Fantasy Grounds would probably be 2nd best choice (but learning curve is higher).

    Roll20 is dead last... I would use map tool before this; it is more expensive for a subscription over time (paid subscription is the only way to access full version and full dynamic lighting), they can ban you from their service without cause (for example, if you make a Twitter post they don't like), and... if not all players have paid subscription clients, I have watched streams indicating that bugs occur. Their dynamic lighting doesn't seem to be as stable as Foundry's.

    Hope your health improves soon!

    1. Thank you for the well wishes! I should probably be clear, the health issues in question are my wife's - but that will sort itself out in February.

      Re: Roll20 - I am trying to avoid Roll20 if I can: other people have stories that have turned me off to them as a company - though I will admit to having played as a player repeatedly with little issue. I can think of at least one actual play I watch that uses Foundry: they speak highly enough of it!

      We will see where we go - at the end of the day, for me, it will likely come down to ease of use: whichever lets me he back on the table faster will win. I don't have the energy to sort the technology out these days!

  2. Thank you for the shoutout and your stalwart entry. Look to the horizon for the Companion, and to your credit; You almost won!

    1. Absolutely, brother; thank you for organizing the contest and for taking the time to collate the results! It's a service to the hobby, bringing us back to our roots.

      It was a pleasure to participate and an honor to be in the running!


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